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About RainBot
The RainBot, aka the “Site”, is a Discord bot and cryptocurrency account hosting service with web interface provider. Users are granted access to a personal cryptocurrency wallet account within the system, and may perform actions such as receiving, sending, and raining cryptocurrency to other active users within a channel.
Feature Set
  • Account Wallet System within Discord
  • Receiving & Sending of Coins
  • Auto Staking Pool and Masternode Pool
  • Tipping and Rain functions within bot channels
  • Channel memes, commands and announcments
  • Discord Command & Web Portal Interface
System State
  • Engine Mode: Normal
  • RPC Link: Online - Latency: 893 ms
  • Node Version: 1020105
  • Node Height: 2331676
Bot Account
    Discord ID: 413606620376072197
Help & Support
    Please contact Staff within Discord.